BBTitans: Blues react as Miracle OP asks Biggie for Liverpool vs Chelsea match result

Big Brother Titans reality show housemate, Miracle OP, who claims to be a Chelsea fan, took the opportunity of his diary session with Big Brother to ask about the scoreline of the English Premier League match between Liverpool and Chelsea.

Liverpool had, days after the commencement of the show, hosted the Blues, and housemates did not have the opportunity to see the game, which ended 0-0.

Miracle Op, who appeared to be a Chelsea fan, in a now trending diary session with Big Brother, stunned viewers when he asked about the match result.

He said, “I would like to discuss my team, Chelsea. Do you think we won against Liverpool last Saturday, and do you think we would do well for the rest of the season?”

Responding to his question, Biggie noted that “Big Brother wouldn’t want to give you a reason to feel ‘Blue’.”

Netizens have taken to the comment section to reply.

atmacoofficial: ”Who will tell him that Liverpool and Chelsea are now twinnie.”

rg_aim: ”I love this guy already very homely.”

mr_shon_don: ”Miracle is using the medium to tell Chelsea fans to vote for him. Very smart move.”

slimkt9: ”He won’t even see any of the old Chelsea players again when he comes out of the show. He will get to know that the team is now full of new squad.”

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